2015 RB Has 11 Offers

While the 2015 recruiting class is still far away, 2015 RB Jacques Patrick is still racking up offers despite how early it is.

“It’s going good, I have eleven offers right now, I got one last saturday from Tennessee.”

Some of his offers include: Florida, FSU, Alabama, LSU, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, Arizona, Auburn, Tennessee, UCF and Miami

Patrick did notice one thing about the canes he liked when he saw them recently,

“ I saw Duke Johnson, he is a freshman and he got on the field early. I liked that they play young guys early.”

As far as visits are concerned, the 2015 running back says he is planning to go watch Miami play FSU this year.

Patrick , who weighs in at 6’2 and over 200 pounds, says he feels he compares to running back Adrian Peterson the most.

“I like Adrian Peterson a lot, he is like the same size as me.”

Patrick also spoke about his best attribute and the attribute he wants to work on.

‘Breaking tackles, My vision and power are my best.” and “ I want to work on my pass blocking because I know if you pass block well you will play early.”

Patrick will have a lot of options to choose from in the future, but says he wants one thing in that school.

“I want to feel comfortable wherever I go,I don’t want to go somewhere and not be comfortable for three or four years. I also want a good education because after football I want something to fall back on.”

Patrick says the best player he has ever played against is Ryne Rankin from East River.